a quiet roar (video)

A windy evening with some raindrops. We caught a beautiful sunset last night.
Next time I think we’ll chase the wind. Hopefully, we can catch it.

Makes me remember when the girls were babies, and we’d sit on the blanket over at The Bluffs park in Malibu. Some nights were so windy that I’d have to calm the girls down by telling them the wind was friendly and it was only around to play with their hair.
It worked, and they’d shake their hair for the wind.
Silly babies.

Then they got older.
And we’d run our science museum trips. Which was awesome. But, they thought nature had imagination. (WHAT !?)

But, at their age now, if I say, “the wind is playing with your hair, girls…”, all I hear is “Oh, mom, it’s the atmospheric pressure…”

Grrr. Damn you girls and your logic. Just go along with me. Dammit.

summer time roar

summer time roar

There's something a little scary about the wind, but when you have a beautiful sunset and venus will flirt around with Jupiter in the sky, well, it's like love gone wild. And crazy love is scary. More than the wind in a stormy, night. Maybe.
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