a super list of manly sexyness


the positive side and the things i like about you, man!

  1. you open doors and slightly pull out a chair for a lady. that’s courteous. sexy.
  2. you walk on the outside of the sidewalk. that’s thoughtful. sexy.
  3. you fix things around the house. or at least try to. that’s initiative. sexy
  4. you can play with the kids. any kids. genuinely play with them. that’s awesome. sexy.
  5. you can make a woman feel feminine just by your powerful hug and a quick lift off her feet. it’s masculine, sensual and sexy. 
  6. you’re caring with your friends and family. you help them move, drive them around, always come for a visit and never empty handed. that’s attentive. sexy.
  7. you’re a good listener and you’re a sensitive enough. no pointless aggression with you or no useless nice-ness about you…just meaningful support and you speak softly with conviction. seems like strength to me. sexy.
  8. you stand with pride next to your lady. you are very well seen without making her feel overshadowed. that’s complimentary. sexy.
  9. you say funny jokes or act silly enough to throw her off … and you manage to get a giggle out of her. that’s funny. sexy.


so… thanks, man!
you rock. :)
with all your noble, old fashion and gentlemanly-ish ways…you rock it.

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