Las Vegas, the unfinished project. Quickie drive-through marriages and even quicker divorces in this (incomplete) fabulous land.

Here is where you’ll find in-your-face wedding chapels and neon lights. Drinks and slot machines are very close at hand. Sexy, crazy, little well-lit town for adults and (entertaining enough) for families. And, for the younger crowd, spring breakers and hot cougars, well, it’s like a rite of passage.

The perpetual, constant entertainment, a getaway–alluring and exciting. And with the slot machines everywhere, well, you get instant gratification (or instantly broke). I still remember the great drink and the $18 peanuts.
Ah vegas, a 24/7 party.

Wanna go with me?

I took these and other fotos when my friend, Adriana, and I went out to the desert for a weekend of hiking and decided to stop in Vegas, because why not.