ambiguity, anxiousness, obsession and stress

usually this is the ladder…you know, the steps.
ambiguity , anxiousness, obsession and stress.

it’s not abnormal to feel obsessed… When you feel as if you aren’t  getting clear answers , you automatically feel anxious and this makes you , obsessively , look for answers…
It makes you demand answers you feel you have the right to know.
this doesn’t label or make you obsessive compulsive. it shouldn’t. it makes you curious and concerned. BUT…
if your curiosity prevents you from functioning through out the day for days and weeks on… Well, then, you’re in trouble.

but good luck …
either way, it’s a bitch !
don’t let fear or uncertainty paralyze you.

so, maybe you can try to:
1) focus on the good things and good people around you. even if they are miles away but close enough for a fone call.
have a cup of coffee with a friend and get lost in small talk or productive long conversations. and smile. :)

2) go for a little run or jog or sit around a hummmmm. get your camera and go shoot something.

3) and , really, what’s the worst that can happen? just ask yourself this question and think of the way (s) you can fix how you handle little shitty things and shitty people and that uncertain feeling. Then , really imagine yourself in the worst case scenario and try to handle that. you’ll handle it. practice. go.

you will handle it because you will realize that your actions are what are bothering you. not the ambiguity of the rest. everyone will still be like that and you probably won’t be able to change them. so, change how you handle things. become jaded. and don’t give a damn. seriously. do it. :)

or…. how ’bout this…
look for the “happy” in things.  :))

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