hmmm…. i’ve got that. i’ve got soul, and spirit…so why do you hide me?

invisible. sometimes that’s what we are. but our energy and zest and spirit and long arms… keep you coming back…. so why do you hide me?

when we sit and talk about past events or passed lives or forgotten dreams …dreams postponed and goals not yet reached… our souls get filled…our spirits lifted…our minds start spinning and our hearts protected. then it stops. we go back to ‘real’ world.

angels and ghosts.

but, hey, THIS is my real world. this. right here. past present future… and speaking of presents i was born in july.  not a typical leo or cancer … just an in-between-y with false humility and hidden in fictitious loyalty. or is the other way around? does it matter, though?

(wait. where was i before i started with presents in july…? focus.)

we have talks and we have drinks…. we have comfort.
there are spirits amongst us. some are friendly. some are tasty. some smell good ( not teen spirit :) ). some give us headaches and some warm our hearts.

We had wine. again.
jack  and I had a cab. Cabernet Sauvignon, Eberle Cellars, Vineyard Select, 2010. was not so fruity…just really well balanced. yay for another everyday table wine. and another good thing (!)… it’s from paso robles. i am thinking a def road trip. wanna come. in the car? shotgun?
/helpful wine review

Jess had the white wine. t’was made with chenin blanc grapes. it was pretty easy to drink…really really refreshing…but a little too sweet for me. still, it was a little  perfect for jess on a nice spring evening in the IE just before we hit the farmers’ market.
yay for another good wine …and yay! it’s from la france. oui.
vouvray, Benoit Gautier, Loire France, 2010.
/french wine review.  :)