La dama. La mama. La mujer.

International Woman’s Day

Mother’s day.


 Sisters’ day.

Everyday is our day. 

Porque somos a toda madre!

foto: Jackie

It’s not just about “bringing home the bacon and frying it up in the pan…”. It isn’t about simply having equal rights (or extra rights in some cases)…

it’s about so much more. it’s about: making the coffee, pouring it into our travel mugs, getting the kids up and preparing their breakfast, helping them put their shoes on, packing the lunches, walking them to school, rushing back to get the coffee mug, getting in our cars, sitting in traffic, looking in the rear view mirror to make sure our lipstick looks pretty (and put on properly), finally getting to the office, working our butts off, rushing back home, throwing in some laundry, helping with the homework, playing a little, start the dinner thing, say hi to the (very significant) significant-other, fold the laundry and throw the kids in the shower, watch a little tv or read a book… glance at the significant other and nod a “hi, again”…
and it’s about more and more…

it’s about cramming for finals right after you get home from work…or looking through the want ads for a new job…or calling your network of people hoping they can use your services. it’s about taking-in achievements and encountering small snags… and doing all this completely with ease and with grace even if, inside, our blood is boiling and our brain is racing. a few sighs and grunts in between and voila!–we’re good to go (again).

it’s about making time to sit with our other beautiful women (including our own moms) in our lives and have a cup of coffee with them , a glass of your favorite cab, (or straight rum ‘al tiempo’) and  share ideas (that are “completamente, a toda madre!”), to dream of changing our world,  to go to our book clubs, to hang out in our favorite bars, or sit together and say nothing, to be fun and have fun, to be pleasant , to be sexy,  and to be so much more… because we can… because we should. because it’s good for us (and the others too).

we, women, tend to be special beasts. most of us want to be the center of attention, the cure for the broken, the shoulder to lean on, the one that got away, the one that made a difference, the better one,  the leader of the pack , the smart one , the comforting one, the one they can’t live without… and the one everyone seems to admire…. BUT…
it’s nice to be all that but, seriously… please, let the light shine elsewhere. for that lady who grabs the spotlight more often then necessary, pass it down. let the rest of the women in your life stand out…we like to shine too. you know who you are.
because … believe me…we, can also be a mean bitch… because as cool as we are, we might just leave you there if you’re broken and make sure you’re totally unfixable; we can lean the other way and watch you fall (slowly); we can be the one that can easily get tired of attention whores and dump them; we can be the one that has no problem saying fuck off move over, you narcissistic selfish bitch.’…but we’re ladies… so it would be said in a courtly manner, of course.
ahem…but call me. let’s hang out.
an when the going gets tough, call the esparza ladies. they don’t know people–they are people. :)

and yes, male people in my life, you count too. but (currently) i don’t write for you. i’m female.

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