beauty is as beauty…

i like pretty things.

i like to hear pretty things..smell and see and wear pretty things…
so any ugly bitches stay away from me. i will kick you to the curb. yes, that means you.
pretty is as pretty does.
pretty cool people are welcome. and use the front door or any door, really. a window, if it pleases you.
but…ugly complainers and whiners and all you bitchy meanie-pants can fuck off and…well,  va de retro!
and you cannot hide behind a handsome face. nope. you can’t camouflage  with some awesome  and  perfect make up , either. nope, because your inner beauty never ever needs makeup. but , hey, if you want to wear make up… g’head. it’s fun. but we’re watching you…you uncool person. we’re watching you and your awesome makeup. we will not be part of your negativism.

cool people should not be confused with annoying happy cheerleader-ish people.
grrrr …those can stay out, too. and also those wear really crappy makeup. gah…

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