besos y mas besos, cupid.

i love you when...

love love love… if, when, tomorrow, yesterday.
love. love.
nevermind… stop talking..
love me now or forget about it.
love me when i make you feel good.
love me when i stroke your ego.
love me when i forgive you.
love me when I sleep in your arms.
love when i inspire you.
love me when i tell you everything’s gonna be alright.
love. love. love.
why don’t you just love me when i’m total bitch. insecure. full of shit. need a boost. when i smoke. high as a kite.
love me then. or forget it.

don’t love me when…!
better yet, don’t love me. just kiss me. and that’s it.
love is a four letter word.
kissssss, on the other hand, can be longer. it goes on forever if you let it.
and when you do it, when you kiss me…the, you can see the value of it. the value of me.

dot dot dot someone else.
kiss kiss kiss me.

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2 comments for “besos y mas besos, cupid.

  1. Esteban
    December 19, 2014 at 20:44

    I like the new look. Hillo!

    • laura
      December 21, 2014 at 10:37

      Hillo. yes… thank you for noticing the new look :)
      it’s like coloring my hair…just a little change.

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