(goOutside on BlackFriday!) happy thanksgiving! then, black friday…all’s not calm, all is bright.

while i was out in the front patio this morning i was thinking:
i’m so happy to see my friends/family tonight. genuinely feel content to spend a few hours with them tonight. and i’m clearing leaves and pushing dani on the swing and taking fotos of her and of leaves and on and on…. i keep thinking:

how many of us (americans) will occupy the shopping mall… tonight?
so is the 99% out for a good deal? who the hell is out there shopping, anyway? at 11pm at midnight? and why have we created and accepted this mega shopping day?…as if we don’t shop other days… as if we don’t see the “clearance” or “sale” signs in the stores enough through out the year. why can’t we just leave this day, this black friday, a family and friends and a kick-back day?
I get it… i know this is good for the economy…. but designating a day to encourage mega-consumption… is a good idea? is it?

okay, so… i want a good deal. who doesn’t!? but i’ve got no money. so… my way of saving is no shopping. at all. no matter what the “good” deal is.

still, i wonder what the fuck will go on out there tonight? stores open at midnight and it seems so strange to me. what an idea! and what a concept and… WOW! so impressive on how we follow that. how our brains are so conditioned to follow these bizarre ideas to fill a small desire or gap… or something in our life. midnight, people! stores will open at midnight! what the fuck!?

well, at midnight, i’ll , hopefully,  digesting the gourmet meal , i consumed at dinner. dinner at sandra’s.
i’m not putting this american “tradition” down. well, not kicking to the curb all the way, anyway. and, for sure,
I want to support the economy. i want to get a “good” deal. i want a great home made feast….yes, i do. i want. i want, i want!
But seriously… at what cost? already  there, most likely, will be a ton of leftovers. most of which will be thrown out. what a shame. do we need all this food all at once? seems so nutty. and..AND… we’ll have the nuts out there shopping at 2 in the morning. why? why do we do this? and why am i so disgusted with all this? and should i be?

as i told my friend yesterday, i should like this indian killing turkey burning holiday.. but i ‘m not crazy about all the over abundance of food… too much. and the black friday “holiday tradition”… well there is too much stuff in our little earth.  too much waste…

but i do like hanging with my family tho. today (thanksgiving) we go to my sister’s home. we do that every year. we have fun and make fun of one another… although that gets old … still the cousins and sisters and brothers, friends, parents like each other. it’s all good. love them all. :)
BUT i have to say that there is ALL this prep work with all the dishes getting prepared by everyone. the house is getting prepared by the host… ALL this preparation it takes such a looooong time. then, finally, after EVERYONE is served our food is cold , we’re exhausted and we eat and eat and eat… and in just minutes… pooooof! it’s over. all done. just like that. move on to dessert and again the prep work is crazy! and then, VOILA! it’s over. good night… love you.. thanks for coming… see you soon…. drive safely.
like a dream…. like nothing ever happened. it’s so fast paced… so american.

friday we’ll do a family thing. movie? or park? or ice skating? maybe. anything to avoid black friday or house chores. black friday. (ugg!)

saturday … we’ll eat left overs and more left overs and so on and so on.
sunday we’ll feel guilty and wonder why we ate too much. and we’ll clean up all the evidence…. and the leftover pie dishes. we’ll lick those actually! uh, nothing happened… no body was here… nothing to see here but a few more pounds on  my body generously contributing to my curvy self.
monday…  start the work week again. we’ll say “how was your holiday?” ….. and so on and so on…

/another nonsensical rant… nothing!

what i’m trying to say is….. i don’t need much. i’m just thankful you’re in my life… happy thanksgiving.

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