Haiku #3

At the parking garage—it was pretty empty and a haiku flows out.Oh, she knocked them dead.All she had was a red truck.Keep the car idling.

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haiku #2

On the 6th floor and a haiku flows out.Looking straight at youI have not been too impressed?Do you plan to change?

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my weapons of mass seduction.
my weapons of mass seduction

my weapons of mass seduction.

Because winter came.And the tile floor is cold and my legs were ash-y.(And, just maybe, I didn't shave my legs, ooopsies!)And, because, damnit,  iI want to!And I will keep them…

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My Sunday Best: Walking aimlessly (video)

When you're not around...I'm lost.I feel lost.I walk aimlessly.It's what happens to me.It’s far out, and scary.Not to walk aimlessly, but that feeling of being lost.It’s scary.Yet, it's a little…

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haiku #1

      Today’s morning runI knew I would trip sometimeI hope no one saw But I can fall throughA door or a window. Istumble and get upland at your kitchen tablethat’s a…

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take a sweater! (por si las moscas)

I've been taking my girls to the beach this summer. Funny, we mostly go in autumn or winter, but Summertime at the beach during the week is pretty spectacular. We…

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day 29 – decorum

I trust you will speak amiably and boldly at the dinner table. And, when the others start vomiting racist nonsense and they see the shock in your face, and they…

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