bonjour… les americains !

I Voted.
felt very good this morning… sunny day in november. too sunny and warm for autumn, and it’s hard to know we can’t change gears yet…but, wow! it’s so beeeeUtiful outside. we rode our bikes to the voting place….took about 5 minutes to get there. nice cruise. ran into a neighbor friend and he told us to go straight to the front… Happy about that…
i was part of the Green Table so i didn’t even have to stand in line too long. about 2 minutes if that.

feels good to be able to vote — and to have rights….to use our rights and not waste them…to be involved and be a good member of society….
and  “if you are not part of the solution..” (maybe) “…you are part of the problem”… maybe.
i don’t agree with that phrase all together…it needs modification. but I’m just happy to have rights and be able to vote and be able to research what i’m voting for. but i’m not into political talks…the bullshit and rhetoric and the false speeches and the misleading ads and the flaws and clauses and loopholes…

i like being able to research. and i like having the choice to vote or not…

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