can i get an ‘amen’ and dark zaya , neat? (day 3)

sometimes the pious women are a little too much. other times… they warm my heart. other times…they make me gag… and other times.. i giggle with them. crazy.

i don’t do say: amen, praise blahblah, and jesus loves everyone all sounds a bit too corny. i’d rather say beauty fell in love with beast…or once upon a time in a far away castle… that sounds corny, but there’s a love story behind it. and love and cheese….well, give me some of that straight up or on the rocks.

but…i love crosses. so there! take me to church when the poinsettias are the decor and the people are friendly. :) just don’t expect me not to giggle once or twice or through the whole mass-y sermon by dude in a very non-fashionable robe! um, hello… get some money from that basket and get yourself something more , glam..or something that has a little more  je ne sais quoi!


But hey, ditch the church , you silly ladies , and meet me at the corner… something something about Mary Jane’s Bleu…
and something about people to see and places to do… or the other way around…but either way is fun and complicated and a little beautiful.

mary jane's bleu

and if you’re up for it… hey , dark zaya at the blind pig will keep you warm. enter through the alley and knock twice. once for me , once for …
use the back door
just knock. use the back door. :)

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  1. steve
    January 5, 2015 at 07:58


    • laura
      January 5, 2015 at 08:52

      word ! :)

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