One day, I’ll figure it out — I’ll write it down. I’ll check things off my list.

One day, for sure. Maybe not right now, or not today. But, tomorrow, definitely.

The art of procrastination is underrated. And just because I don’t finish one thing, doesn’t mean I don’t finish another. I did clean my closet, I did write that other article… yet I didn’t to the most important thing. I’ll get to it tomorrow, definitely.

tomorrow, definitely 4

One day we will scratch our heads and realize that we’ve pretty much fucked up.Really?Trump?People actually voted for this narcissistic, incompetent manto be our leader?Dear people who voted for this…

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Behave the way you want others to behave. (Kindness is always in style.)Break down some walls and barriers. (Big hammers are still handy)You’re pretty awesome. (I’m not just saying that!)Take…

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