champagne and french fries

vday champagne

Maybe you know this, or perhaps you don’t.
I love champagne. I love chips. And I love fries.
I love champagne with fries. That can be my dinner.

And it’s how I celebrate. Celebrate anything.
I kick off my shoes (or flip-flops) and pour a glass of champagne and get my salty fries.
What do I celebrate? Too long to list.
But it’s anything from:
An unexpected, sweet bird pecking at our kitchen window,
to newborns,
to ‘i quit my job’,
to ‘i got a job’ ,
to ‘i met this really nice person,
to a 7 hour hike,
to someone got promoted ,
to someone said their first word,
to, i learned to swim,
to “the sunset is awesome!”
to running more miles in one morning than you ever imagined…

when things get tricky we forget to celebrate.
we tend to focus on the problems, and not the ‘challenge’.
no matter what, something is always going to challenge you.
a person. a situation. an event. your mind…
when we’re out of our element…we feel ‘accosted’ or threatened.
but really…i mean…it’s not a threat. i guess.
it’s an experience …an adventure…a little dare or…

And that’s what life is. An adventure. If not, then it’s a little too tedious.

Sure, sometimes we go on and get in over our heads, but at least we know we’re alive.
And our minds and bodies are getting a workout and, can deal with each experience a little better each time.

And, each day we live, well, it should be different.
Not the same thing over and over. That’s not a life.
That’s just breathing. You just idle away a morning, a week, a month, a life.

Each day you do something worthwhile (I mean, even a little something. it doesn’t have to be a huge thing.) You have reason to celebrate.
You produce something important, and earnest, and it makes your day better. It has purpose.
From getting up and making that first cup of coffee and sharing it with someone,
to mailing out a sweet note,
to calling a friend,
to helping your kids with a project,
to relaxing and taking in some rays,
to giving someone a pep talk,
to walking your dog in the rain,
to cleaning out your closets,
to taking an art class or a new online course,
to learning a new language,
and so on.

There’s something to say about taking the first step.
There are plenty of things to make your body and mind work.
And allow you to stay alert and energetic for more challenges, err experiences.
Because at the end of the day, you’ve earned your “champagne and fries,” dammit.

ppppptttt, but, sometimes, often, we dream of days when we only want our champagne and fries without having to lift a finger.
You know, we dream of one of those easy “nothing-do-or-conquer” kind of days pairs well with an excellent bottle champagne, for sure!!

You know, the kind of day? A quiet and relaxing day, where you stand or slouch or sit and think about someone you love. In the heat. In February.

That sounds super dreamy too.

vday marathon day

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