(i will not be!) checked out and faded…

i think that’s what happens to a large number of people…
they lose it.
i’m not really checked out and faded, am i?
the thing about females is that we want to know. we want know where we stand. we want to know who is willing to stand next to us and wanting to stand beside us. we want to know if you want us to stand next to you. we want to be near you…we want to know who you are. we want to know what tomorrow looks like. you may be going through an emotional roller coaster…but baby… you’re heading for an emotional wreck! (yes, that’s really bad. but im not a writer and i speak without filtering… and yes, i suck at this personal blogging thing!)
i have two kids. two sweet pretty little girls. they are my mommy priority next to a million laura projects. next to a million laura social activities. next to a few laura working projects and next to laura wifey things. i take fotos for fun. for therapy. i dont garden or pop pills or drink (too much. ha!) i take fotos and i lose my self in that world. i love it. but lately… well… i just don’t even feel like doing it. although husband thinks differently… when he looks at the daily fotos i take. still, i’m not feeling it. just feels like i’m wasting time now.

meh… i need a break.
how do you not check out for a while? or should i just eliminate the rest and keep only one mommy priority? should i just be mommy and forget the rest of the fun shit around me? but there are , still, so many unfinished things and projects. i’d feel like some kind of failure. total bummer. or should i just not sleep to squeeze everything in? yes. because i want to do all of them. so for now, i’ll hang out and you can hang out too… and i won’t fade or check out. not yet. i’ll let you know when i’m done or had enough. :)
i need a vacation but that’s another thing to do. and the good lord knows i have too many of those to handle. i’ll take something smaller yet important and wanted and needed.  i’ll take a distraction. and beautiful one.

i’ll take a small break. one small break in paris: the great escape.  i think next time you need a break. go to your happy place. with nothing else but you. just you. yep. go there and stay for a little while. just long enough to regain focus and strength and put your priorities in order. i hope i’m a priority (just had to say that!)

we want to know if you can watch the kids while we go out or away or out for run or out with the girls or out with the boys…
:))  we want we want we want.  and if you give, we will give twice as much. maybe. maybe more.

photo20120412-154059 living/dining room window.

edit: special note to my dear friend, pam. i love who you are… you are so damn cool and creative and you inspire me with your good spirit and kind heart and smart ass humor. :). seriously.  and…i can go on and on…but this blog is not about you, is it? ha. :)))

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