christmas time and the internal dialog

quiet morning.

everyone (not me, though) slept in.
and it’s completely surreal when even the voices in your head are silent.
come out and play! or is it because it’s christmas that you’re quiet?
i did hear a whisper (in my head) though, “oooh picture!”

bedroom floor

ooh, the light

the light was coming and i was debating.. should i go for hike? hmm, but if they wake up i’ll miss the santa excitement…
(SHHH! voices. quiet down.)



ooh, cute.

I should clean up… tidy up the girls’ bedrooms…
(SsHHHH. quiet damn little voices!)

coffee time

mmmm, coffee

i’ll make another pot of coffee and go outside. in my jammies… and hope no-one is up and sees my jammies and how cold i am.
(SHHHH! voices in my head.)

pool decor

oooh, the wind played in the pool

This is so fucking pretty. take a picture!
(YES, you’re right voices in my head. i will!)

the end.


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