coffee and dark sky and love at the window



Grab some coffee. And whatever else.

Everyone stops and break for love. And all we dream about is love. Right? I mean, don’t you? That’s all. We daydream about love in the morning and love in the afternoon.

And, love,  while we make lunches.
And the morning rush hour is making us curse underneath our breath, and foul language is forcing its way out between our tight pursed lips. Love.

All we want to do is sit down and say, “fuck it. I love you. be late to school! Let’s go play instead.”
And, sometimes we do, and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we forget the “I love you” part.

I need to dive into this cup and submerge myself and just get saturated with love and bring it back and pour some on you.

Sometimes you should do the same.

And maybe it’s the coffee talking but,
and, I guess, sometimes the water or the wine or the rum make more sense.
And other times, it’s just the love deep inside you that makes the most sense.

And the trumpet playing and the dog barking and the neighbors screaming. It’s all you need to know that this is real (and pretty impressive).
And the love you seek and the love you have and give are real. But whatever.

That’s not all we need; we need more than that.
But, love requires company. It requires food and a roof over our heads.
Sure, love rules, but, it’s insufficient for treu survival. :)
Right? Maybe.
But, what?! I was talking about coffee. Ahem, my coffee is YUM and rich!
And, sometimes the talks I have with my girlfriends are YUM and rich, too.

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