day sixteen – pink routines and spontaneity

well…. i like the part of me that is reliable…..but… Dear Frank (you know who you are. your code name)…ahem…dear Frank, routine spontaneity is okay but the multiple personalities are just plain confusing. try spontaneous routine. this may be more up your alley. use one personality- the true you- for a while. let it do out of the ordinary things everyday. serendipity-ish-ness. or something.

wait….. back to me.
my routines…get up get the chapstick from my side of the bed. then..
coffee in the a.m.. i brew it knowing that i won’t drink it just yet. i brew it. pour it in a cup. put a bit of milk. go in the shower. dress etc. come back to my cold coffee. taste it. act surprised. ‘hmm, cold.’ pop it in the micro and nuke it. 50 secs. take a sip. go back to bathroom put some lip gloss or chapstick on my lips. put some hand lotion on. finger comb hair. go back to coffee. ‘damn, it’s cold’. pop it in the micro. 45 secs. take computer and fone and hot cup of coffee and walk to home office. or walk to my car.  take a few sips. get my chapstick out and smear it on my lips.
phew! that’s a lot. a daily thing.

spontaneous? am i?
hmmm… let’s just say i fall to pieces when there are too many plans or too much planning. but i would not call my self spontaneous. more like a non-organized-planner-person. i have my breakable, flexible routines. but if you wanna call me ask to go for a drink, a drive, a movie, outside, for a walk, go on a shoot, buy incense, get a bite, a wedding…. i’ll go. for sure.

and without routine , nothing is spontaneous….. so there. not sure why i wrote that…but it sounded good in my head.

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