day 20 – sitting still with coffee cup

sitting with my coffee. waiting for my cup of tortilla soup.
fuel before some christmas shopping.

happy friday. :)
pretty mellow.

soup was good.
so… when i was growing up, my mother would make us soups. chicken soup, tomato soup, mexican squash soup, beef stew, seafood soup, lentil soup…. soups, soups, soups. to make it fun, she would toast or heat up tortillas and cut them into little strips or what ever shape she was in the mood for and she’d decorate our soups with the pieces. and voila! tortilla soup. i do the same with my girls.  we add cilantro, avocado, tomatoes… what ever we want. and queso fresco. fresh not melted. not too much cheese, though, because it’s soup not a fondue. gah! i am not crazy about all the cheese people use on everything! so annoying. today’s soup was the way we make it at home. chicken soup in  tomato broth, with cilantro, a slice of avocado, and sprinkles of queso fresco. yes! delicious. mmmm…mmm…mmm.

and my coffee…. Well, it was good enough! :)


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