I trust you will speak amiably and boldly at the dinner table.
And, when the others start vomiting racist nonsense and they see the shock in your face, and they chuckle and laugh and say they are “only joking’, you will speak up. But, be cautious with your own words.
Stop, look and listen, as Ms. Close used to say.
Take a deep breath, speak eloquently with conviction.Lose the loud incomprehensible words.

I trust you will walk away, and I trust that you will not bring yourself to their ridiculous level.
Sure, we all make simple racial stereotype comments here and there, but you know the difference between a mixture of racism with hatred and intolerance, and silly stereotypes we say. Still, watch your own stereotypes. Por eso nunca progresamos — Because of “silly” stereotypes.

Listen, and call them out.
I trust you will make a true impact and stand your ground by speaking up. Respond with a few words that will let them know you don’t agree with their bigotry. If you don’t call them out, they won’t be accountable for their behavior. If they speak, respond. If they continue their insistent verbal abuse, walk away. You don’t have to accept their behavior. If you stay, you’ll seem as if you tolerate a racist. Which is not the case. You don’t associate with them!
Stay calm. Go home and prepare yourself for another occasion. Organize your thoughts. Walk away.

Curb your polite attitude.
I trust that you will not make time sit and listen to useless doctrinaires who clearly and openly praise capitalism, Jesus and the Kardashians at the same time. You do not have time for small and limited minds. You don’t have time for bigots who will clearly divide people and think they are a superior race. Your time is too valuable.
Call them out. Go home. Organize your thoughts about white supremacy and how to help dismantle it. Go home and think that these people are in your back and front yards! Think on that and organize your thoughts and plans.
Yes, you lack nerve sometimes. Yes, you watch your words so as to not offend others. I know it! But learn to walk away and simply tell people, “I think it’s best if we don’t communicate with each other again. We are too different.” Or say, “Can you just leave now, you’re very offensive?”

It’s normal to try to be considerate of others feelings. It’s normal to have filters.

Filters like these:

  • The Peace and Love filter: I’ll think, before I correct you, because I love you. Let’s all get along.
  • The Scared filter: I think, before I correct you, because I’m scared to offend you and to lose a friend.
  • Opinion or Truth filter: I’m not sure how to explain it but I think you’re a motherfucker and a racist, but i’ll stay quiet because I’m not sure if that’s just my opinion.
  • Controversial filter: Will my tumultuous response come out as an “I hate christians and white people” attitude?

Abandon your filters for a while.

Filters are good, but all those words you swallow will slow you down.  Of course, it’s good to be diplomatic and sensitive, but if you want to stand on the side of justice, you have to be loud, proud and speak with certainty and conviction! Get in their faces.

No Justice No Peace. Anger and Action. Follow these words as much as you need to and are able to.
Power to the people. :)