day 31 – noise, champagne and questions

made pissalediere tonight. well, a version of it , anyway. brought it over to our friend’s place for a new year’s eve party…. a mellow party…some  noshing and drinking. and, as i stretched the dough and grated the cheese…etc etc., i thought of all of us drinking and hugging and abusing those squawkers, blow-out noisemakers, and horn noisemakers…

and i thought of the usual new year’s resolutions and plans and goals people set … (all that bullshit).
and , of course, that made me think of all the failed goals and plans from this old year… (sad bullshit).
so i cut the peppers and drank some rum. neat. and made the pissalediere and i thought : hmmm did i set goals? i can’t remember….
And, of course, my mind wanders so i thought…hmmmm:

this year:

  1. what happy something happened?
  2. what bad and completely unexpected something happened?
  3. what words would best describe your 2013 life?
  4. what would you erase, undo, delete that upset or made you sad?
  5. did you lear something valuable or significant?
  6. did you even set goals or plans or resolution and did you even think of them or accomplish them?
  7. did you have any free time to spare and enjoy? i mean really FREE.
  8. did i truly enjoy the year? truly and really?
  9. was there any challenge that set you back?
  10. did you make someone trip and were you an obstacle?
  11. did you push and encourage and/or give someone a hand?
  12. were you excessive in your actions?

And….so i am sure i thought of more things… but it must have been at the time where i smelled something burning in the oven.

and so i said to myself… “next year i will be more careful and concentrate more in the kitchen. no more setting off fire alarm and having hot fireman come for no reason!”



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