day 7 – breathing (341)

this morning…

i’m not a fan of the shorter days. everyone knows this. i lose motivation and ambition and i never seem to see the light right away. I don’t’ necessarily feel like my ship is sinking. it just takes me a little longer to see the better side of things. i’m not negative, but i have to work hard and make an effort to move a little faster  for me.

but on these short days when the rains come… it’s smells like a fresh start.
something about the rain that makes me breath a little deeper and rethink the past times. and somehow it encourages me to sit and find renewal. and, even though this morning the sky is heavy with clouds, which makes me think of a heavy lid closing us in, it somehow feels a little liberating with the rain… it opens my mind and frees my thoughts.
(yay, rain)

slow and steady… that’s how it is.
and it feels as if my brain is clear and less muddy.

the rains came on  a cold december day. and it was good while it lasted. and the lights , which i have year round look so pretty.

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