day seventeen – the color of wine and weddings

The disruption of things.

it feels a little strange planning a wedding just after your father has died.
but it also seems a bit normal…normal to keep moving with your plans. normal to say business as usual. normal to have and abundance of bittersweet moments…

I think of how how some people experiment instead of plan. I love to experiment more than i like to plan, but i do enjoy planning certain things. I look to the future but i don’t try to control the world around me. Things happen. there will always be something disrupting our plans. it isn’t a bad thing. it can be disappointing but it isn’t always the worst thing.
makes me realize that i can be a person that acts in the moment. I don’t let life pass me by– i do accept when things take a wrong turn or deviate or are paused. I, also, like to think that i don’t live in the past. i go forward and move on…and make plans.
if we don’t make plans or we don’t have expectations and if we don’t experiment…then we sit idle. that’s no fun.

We’ve been gathering on wine-down-anygivenday with Jess and an invitee list…. We cross out and add and get overwhelmed and have a sip or two of wine… We open a magazine and look at dresses and cakes. we look at the color of flowers and…We talk about invitation design and then, hesitantly, we go back to the list. wonder if we’ve forgotten someone or if we should eliminate a name or two….
Then ….. eventually go back to the wine. and it’s fun. and in between call Dani on skype.

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