no… that’s not how i felt.
ok…i little. maybe. but only a little….
but this morning our bottle-lette of testing strips was empty , again. we rushed out to the drug store to buy some. we normally don’t get them at the drug store; we order them online. i guess this time we missed /failed to order them, so we went out to the drug store. yikes.
hmmm.. i wonder home many people go without testing their glucose levels because they can’t afford to pay for these little bottles, or because their insurance company will not cover the whole cost…?
here, the drug stores  sell them for about $80 each bottle. each bottle contains 50 strips. you need to test your sugar at least 3 times a day. you should test before breakfast, before lunch, before dinner and any time before, after, in between  as needed. you do the math.
we buy them online for $60.00 for 100 strips at  www.americandiabeteswholesale.com .
you can clearly see the difference in cost. and  , clearly , it is  still something that is not very affordable…. for most people.

some insurance companies don’t consider this to be a medical need. but it is. in my opinion it’s preventive care… or something.
meh, i don’t like politics and i don’t like ranting and barfing up on insurance and medical inabilities of our beautiful (ahem) country…. been there done that…at this moment in my life i’m just not interested. or i should say it is not on the top of my list. i have other things to find and fight for and enjoy and need to take care of….
it’s true when i say : i’m drained. not empty…just drained…with this whole medical stuff.
and i’m just thankful that Alex has coverage for this with our french insurance company… but mostly i’m thankful that we manage to take care of alex’s need and she be a good , healthy girl (knock wood).


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