Here, in L.A, many of the people I hang with and know are from somewhere else.
I like when i meet and hang with non-angelenos.
but an angeleno has a special place in my heart. always has. always and forever. no matter where i am.
still, i love love the passer-bys.
The problem is that when you’re from somewhere else and you don’t make roots, you don’t really fully commit yourself to anyone or anything. not to the area nor the people. nothing. you’ve got one foot out the door.
i think. maybe?

l.a. my l⊗ve laura biasini

i like to visit places and explore. (who doesn’t!?) I want to do that all the time. all. the. time.
But, i like to explore knowing that i could always come back ‘home’.
‘home’ in my mind is l.a. or paris. you know?
and maybe that’s what the passer-bys are doing? Even if they’ve been here for 10 years already… they won’t settle.

but some do. some settle.
I think when people settle in l.a. it’s because it’s big, ample and possibly full of jobs, and, most importantly, it has sunny days. the desert is near. the beach is near. the mountains are near.
it seems perfect. but..they (the settlers) keep a bag packed (figuratively speaking) just in case! (por si las moscas!)
it’s good here. a bit ugly. but cool. a lot’s warm.
hot is better than cold any day. cold can be invigorating, but mostly it can be debilitating. it can weaken our body and our spirit. so warm is good. dry, warm balmy days and nights.

not everyone settles here to be a movie star…but they come here because life seem better. the sunny days and the vastness of it all gives people a sense of opportunity. they could breath and move around freely with out restrains and limitations. it seems.

still there is no anchor dropped.

for me, there was something better than and anchor. there were roots planted. literally. my parents and our community would encouraged us to participate in planting trees at elysian parc. “because we have to beautify the city and space we occupy…”.
And we did. we planted. And each moment we had, we’d go and check ‘our’ trees. year after year we’d check on them. We made time to care for them. until we didn’t. until we got too busy with high school and college and life…

i’m not sure it was the trees that kept my parents here but, it was , i believe, encouraging to see all kinds of neighborhood kids plant and care for the space we occupied. So i imagine it was the circumstances that kept them here.

when i hear people talking about how they gave it a try. “it” being l.a..
“i’ll give it one more year and if not, i’ll leave.”
hmmm… it has a sadness to it. for me. it has some bitter and some regret and some blame…and some loneliness.

yes, l.a. can be a bitch. but any other city that doesn’t give you what you expect from it can be a bitch. a disappointment. a let down.
it’s not just this ugly, skanky, pretentious dirty town.
but really… the people (natives and others) should plant some roots here. drop an anchor… the city has soul.
it has character.
it has dirty and grime and transplants and natives and dreams and nightmares.

it’s ugly…yet glorious. the valley, the beaches, the mountains, downtown…
with the midwest hipsters and musicians from who knows where…
it is so big it welcomes you.
l.a. people are nice enough.
most of us don’t have chips on our shoulders and our dreams come true every day (when we shake hands with a famous person–who happens to be our bestie or our neighbor)

most of us just live. we just live and work here. we’re students, parents, workers, small business owners, an actor by day and a waitress at night, wives and husband…we just are.
we drive ugly ass cars and we ride the metro or our bikes or our carpool.
we lack public transit and our river is dry.
yet… we’re working on our greenway and our parks and our rail system.
we’re keeping it real, yo! we’re working on it.

now… let’s work on the attitude, beautiful transplants and visitors.
we fail and survive… and you should come and hang out for a while or just drop an anchor…or plant some roots!

or just keep a bag packed and gas money or an airline ticket handy.. you know, ¡por si las moscas!
this is l.a. my l⊗ve, love. :)