a little unforgiving at times. the desert. but for the most part it’s up-lifting.
it’s to die for.
it’s where you’ll find love and truth. truly beautiful, the desert.

expectations…like a carrot in front of us.

when we have expectations– it brings us happiness and excitement.  it’s what keeps us floating a little.
It fills us a with joy until the reward comes.
That thrill of that moment when some sort of life and hope (or any reward) is still bright and vivid– that’s what gives us happiness, expectation.

expectations… like the birth of a baby, a wedding, a promotion, an unexpected drive in the early morning through the desert…those crazy life changing things.
and even if the reward doesn’t come… those moments of expectations is what keeps us free from that terrible feeling of abandonment. and it keeps us free of fear. it keeps us whole.  it keeps us mobile and gives us wheels and wings.

but, maybe when hope fades, does it just lower our expectations? or do we try hard to fool ourselves to believe something is there?

and when there are no expectations, then there’s nothing. stagnant. black. dormant. sadness. and stillness.

i wonder if there’s still enough road ahead to know that there is still a little hope and a little carrot…?
and maybe you just get excited and giddy and joyful because you’re expecting something wonderful waiting for you at the end. at least that’s what you were lead to believe. and you want to believe.

so … keep dreaming, baby. take a little drive… something pretty awesome is waiting. :)

/bubblegum ‘philosophical’ thoughts

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