February 13 is Mistress Day

Here are a few things you should give your mistress.

  1. a break. she needs to go to her mister once in a while. and eventually spend time with her husband. she’s busy, you know. so, yes, give your mistress a nice gift and a break.
  2. a bottle of rum or champagne. so she can celebrate what ever she’s celebrating when you’re not around.
  3. a few jokes.
  4. a love note.
  5. and other things. be creative. 
  6. or nothing. she’s just a mistress. 
  7. or everything. because, after all, a mistress is still long term, no? 

this day seems a little complicated…with all the confusion and secrecy and tight schedules… i imagine it can get complicated.


but a little funny. or fun…or both.

 and this always reminds me of :

“why marry the cow when the milk is free ?”

Well , “why buy the whole pig for a little sausage ?”

Alsoi do believe (in China) original mistress day was march 3rd, no? followed, five days later, by international women’s day.

 nothing. that’s it. 



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