fill in the blanks, part dos

uh oh,

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”
–Ayn Rand

If my  fill-in-the-blanks are a bit foolish, that’s okay, you can come up with others yourself. or you can just sit back and learn a little from some foolishness at a daily note. com’n not everything or everyone can be wise 24/7.

in your moments of decisions and spontaneous answers , or well-thought-out comments, the best thing you can do is the right thing… the thing that makes sense and fits you pretty well at that moment.

and before you fill in the blanks, ask yourself this: will you have the right answer?, will it make you and us wiser…. ? is the world full of too many simple answers ? not enough simple answers ? am i just going on and on… ?
was it really worth reading all this?
why is the  (blank) bleu? :))

(don’t skip ahead, fill in part uno)

  1. When you talk , I  _________.
  2. When people describe me, they say I’m  _________.
  3. First thing in the morning , I _________.
  4. The music I listen to makes me  _________ and makes others  _________.
  5. When you need a refill I’ll  _________.
  6. I still don’t have all the answers but all i know is _________.
  7. I can  _________ and i’m really  _________ of this.
  8. I wish I could be more  _________.
  9. You’ve always  _________ but i never had the  _________ to say so.
  10. I can’t stand it when I’m stuck at/in/on _________.
  11. (my) Work  is  _________
  12. My coffee always  _________.
  13. If I had _________, I would _________.
  14. I hope to get some  _________ soon.

part uno was before part dos

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