fill in the blanks, part tres

uh oh,
most people like it when we tell them exactly how we feel, l instead of making them fill in the blanks, but, hey, it’s fun to fill in an empty space. :)

in your moments of decisions and spontaneous answers , or well-thought-out comments, the best thing you can do is the right thing… the thing that makes sense and fits you pretty well at that moment.

and before you fill in the blanks, ask yourself this: will you have the right answer?, will it make you and us wiser…. ? is the world full of too many simple answers ? not enough simple answers ? am i just going on and on… ?
was it really worth reading all this?
why is the  (blank) bleu? :))

(don’t skip ahead, part uno  and   part dos )

  1. I gave in because I _________.
  2. I toss and turn when  _________.
  3. _________ always makes me cry like a baby.
  4. Babies and puppies are _________.
  5. A wise person once told me _________.
  6. My mother always said _________ and/but I think _________.
  7. The last drink i had made me _________.
  8. You will never , ever catch me doing  _________.
  9. I  _________ this morning and it felt  _________.
  10. The last time i lied was  _________.
  11. Marriage is _________.
  12. I renewed my  _________ but i have no use for it.
  13. When I read the funnies , I always  _________.
  14. I once drank  _________ and I was quite  _________.
  15. I felt like a traitor when  _________.
  16. Someone stole my _________ and it pissed me off so much that I _________.
  17. I’m more transparent than   _________.
  18. When I’m at the super market, the _________.
  19. At the red light, I always _________.
  20. my political view often get  _________.


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