fill in the blanks part VI

  1. if you could do one thing everyday what would it be?
  2. if you could live closer to someone or something who or what would it be?
  3. who is someone you can count on rain or shine?
  4. what do you feel drains you and your happiness?
  5. what’s your level of happiness – 0-5 0 being not happy 5 being happiest. 
  6. when was the last time you yelled.
  7. it’s been too long since ——-
  8. i’m not searching for the meaning of life, i’m just still searching for ———–
  9. i always hear people say they want to do this and the other. i say, go for “it”- do “it”. what is your ‘it’?
  10. the world is full of injustice. what do you think is not fair?
  11. what do you want to do at least once before the end of the year?
  12. three things about you in order of preference.
  13. what (do you think) is your worst quality(ies)?
  14. if you lost your best friend or wife or husband or partner, what are things you would miss most?
  15. what gives you peace of mind and lets you sleep like a baby at night?
  16. what comes between you and what you really want?
  17. i never want to  ——–  again!
  18. if you think a little… who are you missing at this very moment?
  19. if you’re able to leave this for another time and have free time, where would you go at this very moment.
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