fill in the blanks part VII

Sometimes I wonder

so…hey, what are you up to?

sit down...i want to ask you something

  1. what’s one thing you don’t care about and can live with out? and don’t get why so many people like it. it drives you crazy and wonder if you’re missing something.. Yeah that thing? what is it?
  2. when was the last time you laughed so hard it hurt and you snorted? no you didn’t pee. you just snorted.
  3. why haven’t you answered my other questions? or have you?
  4. have you found it? you know, the thing you lost? (what ever it is you lost or have been looking for, have you found it?)
  5. what  would be good to be around with?
  6. you haven’t lost you faith in humanity , have you?
  7. where is/are your mind right now? your heart? your body? your keys?
  8. do you want wings? (so you can move around more freely… and look very cool gliding in the air)
  9. one is something you’ve said that you’re so proud of that you hope people quote you?
  10. are you mainstream or a little more on the edge or …?
  11. do you enjoy making people happy or you’ve never noticed or are indifferent?
  12. do you enjoy confusing people? (i mean is this some kind of joke to you… get people all dizzy with confusion?)



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