fill in the blanks, part uno

uh oh,
“judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” –voltaire

in your moments of decisions and spontaneous answers , or well-thought-out comments, the best thing you can do is the right thing… the thing that makes sense and fits you pretty well at that moment.
and before you fill in the blanks, ask yourself this: will you have the right answer?, will it make you and us  wiser…. ? is the world full of too many simple answers ? not enough simple answers ? am i just going on and on… ?
was it really worth reading all this?
why is the  (blank) bleu? :))


  1. I’ve always wanted to  _________ but  _________.
  2. I’m thrilled that you _________ me.
  3. I play  _________.
  4. I make people  _________.
  5. _________ is the root of all _________.
  6. I love   _________.
  7. I want to go  _________.
  8. You make me  _________.
  9. My glass is _________.
  10. I absolutely love _________.
  11. Wine is like   _________.
  12. It’s okay to always question  _________.
  13. My life just  _________.
  14. I’m usually not the best  _________.

cheer up, part dos will follow soon

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