Finding inspiration behind scribbles, closed doors and walls

We have secrets. Maybe little birds  (or the devil) will keep them locked up and safe?
Can we find another source to trust?
Another source to console us? Another person to share our secrets with or our dreams.
Because, hey, we have a dream.
Well, we had a dream. In fact, we had tons of them.
But… Something happened. Life.
Responsibilities, worry, liars and thieves, among other things managed to sneak in.
Things that deflate us and suck up all our time and energy, leaving us dull, heavy, lifeless.
Thieves that take our words  and our secrets with them.
Liars that trample on our spirit and pocket our inspiration.
Ya dirty little bastard/bitches!

When you find a friend who inspired you to live on a whim, to bring out the true you full of wonder, has suddenly come to a halt. And….you find yourself walking around in circles.
It’s not like you want fireworks all night long. but, a little magic wouldn’t hurt.
uh, huh, yes you do!
Well, it’s not like you’re asking for all things amazing, but right now that would be nice.
Ppppp… but you’ll take “feeling all right.”
it’s not like you’re settling or anything, but this is much better than the pause you’re currently in. (I won’t say “limbo”)

And i won’t write a list… but…

  1. Maybe all you need is to think of all that you love. name all that once inspired, attracted and excited you. what peaks your interests, still?
  2. Maybe all you need is to go the other direction. you’re facing west, turn around and go east. you’re sitting around. go a run a mile. or two, or until you get here.
  3. Maybe all you need is to get get your body in motion and turn on your headphones a little louder.
  4. Maybe all you need is to scribble and sand down that old dining room table. give it a face-lift. and when you turn around, it’s you that will look all nice-y nice.  do my table first, yes?
  5. Maybe all you need is to work a little. a little.
  6. Maybe all you need is to talk about your dreams while you work a little… dreams from the night before. or talk about your hopes, aspirations and dreams.
  7. Maybe all you need is to write a silly love note.

    Mad Girl's Love Song all mixed up

    Mad Girl’s Love Song all mixed up
    sylvia plath and maybe shel silvertein coulda shoulda written together…. Or something.

  8. Maybe all you need is to talk about love, love.maybe all you need is one of my jokes.  why is the ocean bleu? because the fish say bloo bloo bloo.
  9. Maybe you need a nature-y walk. at dawn. or at dusk. it’s when the best light is out and when the best light will make you glowart imitates life at the l.a. wash
  10. Maybe you just need to stay curious and in love and in touch with some good people. don’t over think. don’t crawl under a rock.
  11. Maybe you should just do it. don’t stop. let your foolish self go. get crazy and limitless. (and, invite me when you do)


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