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I always hear people (specially those who don’t get along with family) throw out this quote  “friends are family you choose for yourself.” well, yes. that’s possible but isn’t really that the friends we make we simply stumble upon?  in our everyday life through our daily occurrences like work and school we meet our circle of friends. yes, some of us may say (and actually do ) look at a person and think “now, there’s a friend for me.” “I’ll make him my friend.” but the reality is that most of the time our friends are created by circumstances. Like our family is.

There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just how it is.

But…. you can choose which friends to keep close, which ones to eliminate etc.. Just like we can do with some of our family members. eliminate them from your social life, i mean. 

and always keep true friends close. and your real enemies closer. (bitches ! ) :)

other quotes that kind of  , sort of , really ,  in more more ways than one bug me…

‘follow your dreams, they know the way’. seriously? wtf? and people post this. GAH!
“we all need fixin” wait. what? are you saying some of us are broken? you’re the broken one , fucker!

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