funny gift-card note

my sister , Jess , gave Alex a couple of birthday gift-cards.
This had a love note. It made me laugh.
Jessie is all kinds of funny. :)

then…this made me think:
those awkward moments when someone gives you a gift or gift card you will never use or don’t like…
And you act as if you like it. you act polite.

You: um, oh. look. a rubber chicken! (and your actual thought: u, seriously? wtf? is this a joke?!)
friend: oh no, you seem disappointed!
you: wow, it makes noise.
friend: i know, right!? so funny. so, you like it?
you: it squeaks.
friend: i’m glad you like it!
you; wow, look at the packaging so interesting.
friend: wait. you don’t like it do you?
you: it squeaks.

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