haiku #1

today’s morning run (5)
i knew i would trip sometime (7)
i hope no one saw (5)


haiku1 laura biasini



(i hate being limited. gah! grrrr)


but i can fall…through (5)
a door. or a window. and (7)
stumble and maybe (5)(warning: limitless haiku…)
land at your kitchen table (5)
and have some coffee.(7)
(it’s like a double treat haiku. that’s a tuesday! full of treats!)

instead of mourning (5)
the sunless cool foggy day (7)
we can dream and play. (5) (haikus can rhyme too. yay!)

tuesday would be best (5)
if you’re on this run with me (7)
wake up. (-3, too much counting and order required. doh!)


i saw this tree…and since Alex is writing Six-word novel…and talking about poetry styles in her english class…
well…i thought of those trees with blossoms like the kind of people use for a haiku. this is not that kind of tree!

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2 comments for “haiku #1

  1. freespirit
    October 29, 2014 at 16:48

    oh h! it’s me freespirit
    i’ve been meaning to come back and
    read your blog ever since
    that time – you know… way back when

    funny that i would happen
    completely by coincidence, upon this fabulous haiku
    because I was inspired by one recently tooooo!

    OMG, it does suck being limited! fun too

    • laura
      October 29, 2014 at 17:21

      oh hi :) thanks for dropping by (again)!!!
      where’s your haiku? flickr? i’ll check.

      and also i like
      your written comment you left.
      you count syllables ? :)

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