happiness only seems to be fading



Happiness is pretty much right now.
It may have been yesterday, too.
And, it may continue its course later in the week. Probably.
But, really, it’s just now.

Right, this second.  Now.
But don’t make a path or a reservation for it – happiness is never scheduled.

And it’s related to that good old ‘mystery.’
So, sometimes you run into a tree while climbing a mountain. And you hurt a little.
And the person that helps you up has kind eyes and a pleasant, sincere smile and a firm hand.
And that’s happiness. Unexpected.
Whichever way, you look at it, it’s happiness.
So, when you see trees and mountains, (in your mind) you see kind eyes and feel a firm hand holding your hand and a smile that seems to go on forever, you’re happy. or I am. I am delighted.

Your happiness may be the time when the ice cream in your bowl melted because you were too busy watching your love dance, you forgot to eat the ice cream. And you had ice cream soup instead.

and, now and then,  while everyone else just sees ice cream soup in your bowl, you get a huge grin because (in your head) all you see is your love still dancing.
And that’s happiness. Continuous.

Or, the moment your baby was born. Or reading a love letter from a distant admirer.  Or writing a long note to a good looking someone.  Or eating the best meal amongst your beautiful family.

And that’s happiness. Simple, ordinary daily happenings.

What happiness I have is different than what you have. Not more and not less. Just different.
I have a tree, and you have a bowl of three flavors of a Neapolitan mess; ice cream soup.

And my grass isn’t greener. I have no more green, in fact.
(Water shortages and water wars again,  remember?)
So, there’s nothing to compare anymore.
And, you can relax and breath and live now, rather than take notes and only visualize happiness in your future.
Your happiness is probably next to you. It may surprise you.
Don’t hunt for it.

Grab YOUR happiness and hang on to it. And, maybe, then you can call me. Again.

Or maybe not. Sometimes happiness excludes others.

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