have you been here lately?





A stroll in the Hollywood hills. This view never gets old.
Paradise hues.

There’s something about this place.

Something that lets you think that you can achieve anything. All your hopes and dreams and quirky little desires can happen here. You can do it, here! That’s what this place makes you feel.
(Even if, in reality, you won’t*)

Los Angeles and its paradise hues**

This place,
it makes you fall in love,
fall to pieces,
fall prey of,
fall down,
fall in place,
and fall into a trap.

But when you stumble, and you will stumble, it makes you think it forgave you, and it lets you pick yourself up and dust yourself off and carry on with your desires and will to survive.
It makes you believe that something real is here.
The scents, the small talk,  the dreams, the views, and the possibilities are vast.


just kidding*  six-word story**

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