hope are just behind the fence….

Hopes, because dreams come with a price.
So, better to stick with hopes sans the dreams.
/terrible advise

I don’t want to discourage you.
So, let me start again.
If you have hope,  at least you have something. And something is better than nothing.
Having hope is encouraging.
/nonsensical advise

How about this instead?

Hope will only poke a needle in your heart, reminding you of your anguish.
Stay away from it.
It’s more costly than the price of dreams.
/smothering advise

Wait.  I think I got this.

Have dreams for breakfast and hopes for le quatre heures.
You’ll be satisfied and full enough. BUT, skip both for dinner.

I’m trying again.

If you need to cross mountains, lakes, oceans, various radio station signals and chain link fences for hopes and dreams, then do it.
It’s how you stay alive.
Stay in the interim, stay hydrated, it’s how you survive.

/meal schedule, diet plan

Jarred hopes and canned dreams.
This is inspiring, right?
Phew! I knew I’d make sense of all this. :)

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