how to open a pomegranate, a food of the gods

i bet you have been asking yourself this every single time you find your self at your market. right? while you hold those delicious poms in your hands, you ask yourself how the hell do you open a pomegranate?
no worries little people. i am here. i, lover of juicy pomegranates, am here to be of service.

it’s a little messy but worth all the splatter and red stains everywhere…

Step 1
Cut about 1/2 inch below crown. use a nice and sharp pairing knife!
(this is not a pairing knife but it’s the only one i had handy… and really…no big deal.)

Step 2
Take your knife, find the 4-6 sections and score the skin at each section.
so easy. even a 7year old baby can do it.

Step 3
Ta da! separate the pomegranate into individual sections.

Step 4
Get a bowl of water and loosen and carefully realease the seeds–Separate them from the flesh and drop them in the water. The seeds (arils) should sink to the bottom, and the thick flesh (white/butter color membrane) should float to the top. Remove the membrane.
(hehe…makes me think of “…insane in the membrane…insane in the brain”– so you can do a little dance with that cypress hill tune. uh huh! maybe.)

Step 5
Strain and go! Get the bowl and pour the liquid through a strainer … then VOILA!. Place the tasty little things in a bowl and eat and enjoy this food of the powerful.

lots of vitamin c… antioxidants… vitamin k…
they’re a great snack… perfect with dark chocolate… oooooh and in salads. salsa? smoothies?
hic… um… tasty martinis. is that a pomtini? pometini? martingrante? i dunno. just tastes good. yum

OR you can leave them like this, too, an eat them like corn on the cob… husband does this.
REALLY messy…but , meh,who cares!?

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2 comments for “how to open a pomegranate, a food of the gods

  1. Rémy
    December 28, 2011 at 15:43

    What a perfect timing: today I`ve bought my first pomegranate and now I find here your instructions to cut it up. Thanks!

  2. laura
    December 28, 2011 at 19:17

    you’re so welcome. glad i was helpful. finally … my words of wisdom have paid off. haha :)

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