I feel the LOVE of our crowd

we heart fireworks !, originally uploaded by ¡Laura!.

really am happy (and lucky) we have such cool, loving, silly, fun, smartass-ish, witty, group of friends in our neighborhood.

sitting at the parc with my family and our neighborhood crowd… love  and totally appreciate this crowd.
snacking , drinking, fighting off mosquitos and june bugs. yep, the glam life, for sure. dig it.

i saw hearts last nite in the sky. i thought it was because Alex was all loving and wanted to snuggle and she was all tender and sweet… and i felt all loved and everything… well, that and/or the rum drink my bartender-husband made for me…but …BUT
….now that i’ve down/uploaded the fotos…well, i still see hearts.
and … yeah yeah…i’m all into hearts and the whole love thing. totally. uh huh.

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