i like it here

on saturday we celebrated andy’s birthday. it was good birthday.  in my eyes he seems like a kid. :)
tons of people and so much fun with  some of my mommy besties. these friends are super super cool.
and , there is no way to put it ….  they’re like family. almost. :)
if they need a cup of sugar,  i usually don’t have it. but , if they need a bottle of wine , the,  yes, i’ve got that.
i need a recipe…nope, they don’t share it. but, i need a costume design some tips on travel some fun artsy thing…yes they got it. so creative, these mommies are!! I LOVE it.
wine? love? of course.
we got some shugah for each other. it’s how we roll. :)
love love them. !!! tons.
and they are a good bunch to lose all reason with. :)

annie, gina, laura, karen, jackie, ann, julie

annie, gina, laura, karen, jackie, and in the front are ann, julie

it’s been non stop celebrating this and that since the end of october. phew.

then, on Sunday we celebrated Deana’s birthday. it was a significant birthday to her. so much fun with my mommy besties. So… we’re like, the fabulous 4some…that’s who we are. or they call us that , anyway. so , yep, i’m keeping it!!
for sure.

2 southern belles and 2 southern californians (with some wannabe mexi-french in us. :) well, not the wannabe… we just feel like wannabes. ’cause it’s been 4 years since i’ve been to paris. bummer! and about almost 20 since we’ve been to mexico. T was in paris for work…but that doesn’t count!!!! )
so… yeah,
T and I are not the southern belles…
yikes.. i think i can get into the southern accent , though. charming for miles and miles, for sure.
but, i’ll keep my own accent. what ever it is i have. i think i must have one. i dunno.
and the idioms…whoa they kill me , these southern idioms! wow… they got it going on… my southern fwends :) T and I just look at each other and say “huh! wtf?!” but deep down we love it.

laura , wendy , Deana , Theresa

laura , wendy , deana , theresa

and , so , with all these beautiful friends… and these surroundings …well, i like it here.
and so do they!
but there are times ( a lot of times !) when i can pack a little something and get to the desert. and or paris… and or some rural town in mexico where i can get a sweet little beatle (or another Thing!) and give it some tlc. uh huh! and drive around and eat, and talk to the locals and look at the sunrise and play in the sand and eat cactus tacos and drink coconut water… and surf and fall and hike and trip and yell at my kids for having too much fun!!
hmmm… is that what you call escaping?! i don’t care…
So , who’s with me?! :)


my girls are too comfortable here. So, here , in this beautiful dirty big city , i stay. :) for a while. and i like it here , so that’s ok. i think they like me here , too. maybe.

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