I grabbed my trainers and…

I went running. I just ran.
Not from you and not from me.
And not from anything.
I didn’t look back.
I cleared my head.

I felt the mud. The dirt. The dust.
My sweat.

I was running.
Not for a race and not for any goal.
Not to go fast or slow.
I heard my breath. I heard wet leaves.
The trail. The pebbles. The pavement
My footsteps.

I was running.
Not for my health and not to feel good.
Not to hear my heart beat as it should.
I felt the fog. The drizzle.
The rain. The wind.
My pain.

Still, I was running.
Not to wake up and not to wear out.
And not to burn out.
I felt my knees. My hips.
My strength. I felt alive.
I felt my soul.
My own control.

I kept running.
Not to be brave and not for my pride.
Not for bragging rights.
I felt my smile. And my salty lips.
And, I wondered, What happens next?

I felt each step. My weight was lifted.