i want awe

i don’t want to do popular…
i want to do excellent.
i not only want excellent …
i want to be excellent. damnit! :)

zabriskie point, death valley, originally uploaded by ¡Laura!.

desert waves

i’ve been to death valley several times and each time i’ve visited i’ve been gently amazed. i don’t really like the word amaze. still i use it here…
i was not only amazed and taken by the scenery, but by the weight and pull and magnetic energy i felt when i was there. i know, it sounds really far out and cheesy. but remember i tend to be a little cheesy with my words sometimes. i know..
still,l i really mean what i say. no bullshit.
anyway, back to this magnetic energy or force…
you can’t explain that feeling… it wasn’t hot when we’ve been there. maybe 75-85 ° F  so it wasn’t the weather. it was most likely a combination of the sun, the landscape and the elevation (low elevation) what ever that was… there was some force that was just so comfortable to me.

some rules apply

yes… comfort…the kind you feel when you come back home after a long vacation, or the comfort you get when you smell coffee or cookies or your grandmother’s homemade vanilla ice cream.. paletas, or the first rain that’s fallen on the ground. just damn comfort and awe. that is excellent to me.

buscando a juan valdez, originally uploaded by ¡Laura!.

i see all these sunrises (i get up super early), and all these sunsets…and what can i say? i love them. but there was something about this particular one.
this sunrise just smelled like coffee. there must have been an open window of some nearby home with a freshly brewed pot of coffee. maybe. but there really isn’t a house in this particular area of Elysian parc, so i’m not sure about that. all i can say is that i didn’t want to move for fear i’d lose that scent and the hazy, smoggy, foggy sunrise. the combination… was excellent


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