i was wondering…

come … sit down… have some coffee and … lemme ask you something…




  1. Have you ever gone backpacking alone?
  2. Black coffee or cream?
  3. Starbucks or Diner?
  4. Do you go fishing? And if so, do you eat the fish you catch?
  5. Do you have any people buried in your back/front yard?
  6. What’s your worst meal?
  7. What’s your best meal?
  8. Have you cooked a really really gourmet meal for your SO?
  9. What’s your favorite B movie?
  10. Horror movie or Comedy?
  11. Blonde? Redhead? Brunette?
  12. Cow Milk? Soy Milk?
  13. MLK or Columbus day?
  14. Breakfast? Dinner? Lunch? happy hour?
  15. Do take your shoes off at the door or where ever you are?
  16. Mixed drinks or straight up?
  17. What’s your favorite drink?
  18. Do you do dance best or crazy when no one is looking?
  19. Mountains? lake? Beach? or desert?
  20. Do you like to sing in the shower?
  21. Do you like to talk or act in the shower?
  22. Do you like baths or showers?
  23. Did you bathe your baby in the Kitchen sink?
  24. Did your mother bathe you in the kitchen sink?
  25. Do you color your hair?
  26. Do you cut your own hair?

i may or may not have asked all this already….


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1 comment for “i was wondering…

  1. steve
    January 29, 2015 at 04:56

    yes, black, diner, yes, catch & release, no/no, fish that’s been frozen, nachos & beer, no, Napoleon Dynamite, comedy, brunette, cow, MLK, breakfast, where ever I are, mixed, soynog, don’t dance (it’s of the devil), mountains, no, yes, showers, yes, don’t remember, no, no ( :

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