in the mood…

found this mood ring while cleaning the garage and patio last january… which is when i snapped this foto.

good to know i’m consistent. last year (about this time of year) i was in a trashing mood and ready for some purging and serious clean-up. most of us think the same way. it’s called spring cleaning.

get rid of the things that cause you stress, that do not motivate you or inspire you, that are absolutely useless to you, that can cause you nothing but anxiety, or worse… that will simply make you ill. get rid of all which brings you no desire to be a better person and/or a more productive and fun-loving person. get rid of dust collectors with no value and that which clutters your life…

yep, get rid of it… even if it means you have to get rid of people too.
ok… don’t get “RID” of them…(let the mafia do that!) just dismiss the unwanted from your life…because who needs bad juju and junk around?!
i still had the mood ring up until a few days ago… it accidentally went down the drain.

the mood ring history and some goofy stuff

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