International Flirting Week begins February 16

bat those eyelashes, babe!

Go get’em tiger! ;)

It’s a love fest all month long, sugar.

so, if mistress day and Valentine’s day isn’t enough , keep going.

hmmm… having trouble flirting?

how about doing this: smile. listen. touch.

how about some cheesy lines:

Is it hot in here or is it just you?

don’t over do trying to flirt… be natural… or not.

February has a great percentage of wedding proposals… but

really? isn’t better to flirt around rather than to get married? i don’t know.

this idea of finding our “one and only true love” is cemented in us from a very young age. Seriously…try watching Disney movies and you’ll notice the princess being saved by the knight or a prince, then, followed by the famous surreal line “and they lived happily ever after”. The End.

That’s right! In fairy tale lalalaand, life ends after the couple’s “i do’s’ and  their “happily ever afters”!

so … where was i?

pick up lines…

no, i’m not drunk, i’m just intoxicated by you!

maybe this line will work for you… and get a ring..and get married…and have some bebes…and live and love… happily ever… and ever..


love week. keep going’. get your love on, baby.

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