so… here’s to being a woman.

happy international women’s day.
our lives together , apart , together-apart… I think about you.
I think about all your prettyness and of all you have accomplished.
i see you sip your wine and i’m happy to be with you.
I see you pick up your baby(ies) at school and i admire you.
I see you cry and i want to stop time and bring you some coffee and flowers and prepare a silly dance for you and make you smile.
i love our half sentences and our  incoherent  “remind me to finish this later…” conversations.
we do good. we get choices…the right to choose this or that… and the right to bare arms or legs… to color our hair… to cut it …or show it off. or not. we can run for miles  or run for office…run out of laundry detergent and have you go out to get some more.  go on. do it.

even when we feel society is regressing a bit…a lot… we manage to  do good… because we’re strong that way.
now, go get me a rum …and make me a sandwich while you’re at it. and do it with a smile.


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