sit… stay…c’mere, girl…

nouns and adverbs… that’s what i heard dogs understand best. ? i don’t know.
we asked juno to sit but she didn’t sit, she starred. we asked her to sit while we pushed her butt down. and she stayed in that position. we made a big deal. whoo hoo, Juno! and she wagged her tail. we forgot the treat. oh, well. we asked her again to sit and she sat. good girl juno.

Juno , 2 august

we asked juno to sit while we mixed her food in her bowl. and she sat and was a patient little puppy.

17 august.

we say ‘foto’ , and,  it may be a coincidence (i’m not listening, though) , but she looks at you. it may be the treats we give her after we snap a picture.

August 27 Juno is da best puppy :)


September 7 Juno is growing .. hiding and sunbathing.

September 17 Juno’s spot to get measured

October 12

October 17 Juno waits for her meal


October 27 Juno kisses Hugh

October 29


November 7

November 8 dani caught juno doing her yoga stretches

November 17 Griffith parc on mt hollywood trail… We went on a sunrise / full moon walk. 
November 28 Juno is ready for her thanksgiving feast

Pretty Matilda, Juno’s sister.

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2 comments for “sit… stay…c’mere, girl…

  1. Shannon
    August 25, 2013 at 20:07

    im seriously crying over these shots – YOU ARE THE REAL DEAL LAURA~! great job. I miss my Juno girl…how is she doing? I still have Matilda here – she is a sweet girl and we really need to find her a home. Can you send me a few of these shots of her to my email – even one or two would be helpful. I need to post her again.
    Are your girls loving Juno? how is the housetraining going/

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