1. Open the curtains. It’s winter, again.
  2. Let light in. I loathe darkness.
  3. The problem is, I can’t focus.
  4. The next adventure isn’t soon enough.
  5. It’s your problem if you’re worried.
  6. your sad eyes are getting heavier.
  7. Oh, it’s more exciting this way.
  8. Short attention span is too familiar.
  9. What’s poignant? What did I say?
  10. You will talk. I’ll look away.
  11. Keep your secrets. I wasn’t listening.
  12. I don’t listen to my thoughts.
  13. And I’m bored. Why aren’t you?
  14. The tree caught fire. Remember?
  15. We hiked up, 20 adventurous miles.
  16. We can do it again, tomorrow.
  17. Today, you need your rest. Shhh.
  18. I’ll be outside. Watching birds chirp.
  19. I’m a lion. And, a dog.
  20. it’s your description of me.
  21. I just see a female body.
  22. I can roar. But not bark.
  23. Yes, I forgot my shoes again.
  24. You ask me what I mean.
  25. But you should be resting, now.
  26. Tomorrow we will climb mountains, again.
  27. We may even touch some clouds.
  28. Now, I want to see airplanes.
  29. I’m talking again. Okay, please rest.
  30. Because tomorrow we will see clouds.
  31. Or, maybe we can see waves.
  32. There I go again, you say.
  33. You’re right. I will stop now.
  34. Close the curtains, take your nap.
  35. Later, let’s go to the bar.
  36. Like we used to those days
  37. I’m dying to try that rum.
  38. I’ll close the door behind me.
  39. I understand you, now. Poignant reminders.
  40. I’ll just make tea and toast.
  41. I’ll check. Are you still resting?
  42. I’ll go for a ride, then.
  43. Damn, I’m driving without shoes, again.
  44. Later we can go on a…
  45. Now, sit here and watch snails.

It’s an entire story, actually.
I’m not in a rush. six-word stories. I had forty-five.